Our Story

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A family business, driven by a passion for furniture and design.

How it all began

From humble beginnings as a timber furniture producer into Australia as far back as 2002, S2dio has grown into an internationally recognised designer furniture manufacturer with offices in Australia, Indonesia and Europe. S2dio has been built on a philosophy to produce designer garden furniture at reasonable and honest prices. Our furniture is designed for an international clientele and often takes on a contemporary look and feel. As the business grows so does our desire to challenge ourselves in product design and development where we actively work with our key customers to build exclusive collections to fit their specific market requirements.

Who are our customers?

We work with a number of garden centres, distributors, DIY chains and independent furniture retailers across Australia and Europe as well as some select clients in North and South America. The strength of our business lies in our flexibility in production allowing for our bespoke collections to be designed in-house and produced exclusively for each client without the need for excessive minimum order quantities. This flexibility allows broad collections themed around a quality designer look with manageable shipment volumes that don’t compromise on quality as all S2dio’s production is a fully machine made product.

Forest Stewardship Council®

A major part of our business philosophy lies in the support of environmental responsibility, social accountability and the ethical management of raw materials from the surrounding ecosystems we use. As a result of this drive we have been working with FSC® since 2005, to further strengthen transparency and responsible forest management principles when it comes to wood sourcing. The FSC® chain of custody standard gives our customers peace of mind that product manufacturing is in line with international wood forestry and conservation best practices.


Our Facilities and People

At S2dio we have three main production facilities focusing on Hardwood, Recycled Teak, Aluminium, Artificial rattan and cushions. This gives us an enormous potential when it comes to flexibility in production and the mixing of materials which is very much on trend. We underpin our production strengths with a full product development team consisting of designers based out of Europe and Australia as well as technical teams in Indonesia. With that comes our fully equipped product development workshop and showrooms in Australia, Indonesia and Europe which allow many of our OEM and private label clients to co-develop exclusive collections.